Meratol Advanced Weight Loss Diet Pill 

Meratol is the newly introduced diet pill that is designed to assist you in your weight loss effort by helping you to achieve the body you have always wanted

Meratol is fast acting, completely natural and is available to buy without prescription. It has been created to target the key areas that are attributed to weight gain.

  • MAY BURN BODY FAT – by raising the metabolism
  • MAY SUPPRESS APPETITE – by reducing food cravings
  • MAY REDUCE CARB INTAKE  – by up to 80%
  • MAY LOWER DAILY CALORIES – by up to 30%

Meratol uses a multi tier approach to weight loss and focuses on training your body to want and crave less food, effectively cope with the effects of too much fat or too many carbohydrates and efficiently burn excess calories and body fat.

“Meratol is thought to help you to lose weight quickly and easily ”Grazia Magazine

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The ingredients included contain Prickly Pear, Brown Seaweed Extract, Cactus Extract and Capsicum Extract. Each of these natural ingredients work in tandem to raise the metabolism, reduce calorie intake, block carbohydrate intake and burn calories.

This process starts working immediately from when you take you very first tablet.
Meratol tries to target the very basics of weight loss and tackles the main reasons why we get fat initially.

Meratol does not just try to cure the aftermath but also prevents the build up of unnecessary fat storage.

Meratol employs highly effective Cactus Extract that normalises and regulates blood sugar levels which inhibits cravings for foods. This suppresses appetite and can drastically reduce your daily calorific intake.

The basic principle of weight loss is trying to reduce the number of calories consumes on a daily basis.

Meratol also reduces the absorption and digestion of fat and carb content from the food that we eat. The western modern diet is high in carbohydrate and contains more fat that perhaps it should.

Brown Seaweed Extract in the diet complex is clinically proven to reduce the absorption of up to 82% of carbohydrates. Similarly Prickly Pear is process to stop the absorption of a percentage of fat and raise the metabolic rate.

Meratol is also a potent fat burner and contains Capsiplex Capsicum Extract, a clinically proven, ingredient that helps speed up the metabolic rate before, during and after exercise, helping burn up to a dozen times more calories with it’s unique ability to convert calories into heat rather than fat.

There is nothing like this on the market. Meratol is unique, effective and clinically proven.

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Common misspellings are: meratol, meritol, meretol, meratal, merital


The claims above have not be validated by the FDA, MHRA or any governmental department or body in nay country that overseas the regulation of the health supplements. Meratol is designed to be used in conjunction with healthy diet and exercise plan and not be relied upon a sole method of weight loss.

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